I'm essentially a middle-aged fangirl with delusions of being a grownup. I suffer from an anxiety disorder, which fucks with me at varying levels of difficulty. I'm odd, socially awkward to the power of many, and I much prefer being alone than surrounded by people.

I write when my brain allows, mostly fanfiction. I only share it with other fannish types, because the mainstream just doesn't understand the weirdness of transformative fandom and I'm way past having the tolerance for being judged.

I have two tweenage children, a husband, and chickens. And an extremely overgrown garden. I suck at art but art journal anyway, my entire life would collapse if I lost my bullet journal, and I like to learn things.

This Site

This site is called violentdelights because I couldn't get vamp. I pout when that happens. Anyway. It's pretty damn pointless, I reckon, but I do like messing with CSS and it's got some contact details, so that's something, at least. Aesthetically, it's totally stuck in the 00's, and I like it that way. It's also very under construction. I really haven't decided what I want to do with the navigation yet. Or the site itself. I don't even know.

Created: 20/11/18 | Updated: 20/11/18